Restaurant Mes

I have always wanted Mes. Deeply. I haven’t always known what Mes was or should be, I just knew Mes had to be. Mes was a fantasy. A lot a bad ideas and many good ideas. Mes has changed form as I have changed paths, but we always had each other. And we always understood each other.

Now Mes is alive. A reality. And Mes has become what it was always supposed to me; mine.

My best dishes and wines brought to life by my fantastic colleagues and me. Wines are mainly from Germany and Jura, food is inspired by season, local grown products, and what we think is good. It is honest and simple affordable luxury, but still challenging and playful. We want to give our guests a fantastic, luxurious experience they want to do over and over again..

– Mads Rye Magnusson

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Restaurant Mes, Jarmers Plads 1, 1551 København V


Jarmers Plads 1
1551 København V

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Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 12:00pm
Kitchen closes 10:30pm

Closed Tuesdays and Sundays


+45 25 36 51 81

Restaurant Meille

Meille means us. We.
It also means best quality. But, isn’t that just two sides of the same coin?
Us is – to us – many things.
Us as husband and wife, together on a new project.
Our employees and us.
Our guests and us.
Us is the unity we are a part of, how we identify ourselves and what we are proud of.
And that is always the best quality.

Restaurant Meille serves high quality food at affordable prices combined with sustainable awareness and traditional cooking methods. Dishes are inspired by season, local greens and Danish fish and meat.


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